HAUNTED HOUSE – for teenager and adult students!

„It used to be a German Junior High School in ELS building between 1928-1935. During the renovation, the group of workers found the part of the letter which was written by an English teacher – Gustaw von Els. He wrote that on the November evening in 1929 the group of students who were preparing for an English exam, suddenly, disappeared without any trace. It sheds some light on the sequence of strange events which have been happening in our school for some time. We hope you will help us to solve at least a part of that mysterious story.”
Tajeminice szkoły ELS rozwiązywac będziemy:
piątek 27.10.2017 18:00 – grupa młodzieżowa (12+)
piątek 27.10.2017 20:00 – grupa dorosła
sobota 28.10.2017 17:30 – grupa młodzieżowa (12+)
sobota 28.10.2017 19:30 – grupa młodzieżowa (12+)
Ilość miejsc ograniczona! Zapisy do 23.10.2017 w sekretariacie szkoły lub na els@els.zgora.pl. Zapraszamy